Month: February 2016

A High Class Escort Guide: How should she be dressing for a dinner date?

A new escort in Hong Kong may have this question ringing in her mind as to how she should be dressing up for a dinner date. Should she be inconspicuous or obvious? Whenever we ask the clients of No.1 Luxury escort service provider as to what kind of girls they prefer on a dinner date?, all just got a straight forward answer ‘A natural girl who dresses in a classy manner’. This answer throws us off, as suggesting a high-class escort in such situations is very tough.

Therefore, the answer is evident; our clients need natural beauties, not ones caked up with make-up. Of course we have handpicked our escort girls personally with utmost care and scrutiny, but being presentable is another aspect. No client likes social escorts, who wears an assumingly short dress or skirt and puts on a lot of make-up and comes on a dinner-date.

Many freshers wonder whether they should be going against their instincts and dressing up in a more conspicuous manner. However, when our escort agency of hong kong inform them otherwise, they are visibly relieved.

On dinner dates a high-class escort of no. 1 Escorts Agency of Hong Kong mostly wears a flattering decently long dress or a trendy top with a proper length skirt. The shoes are the next important thing: for petite escorts-high-heeled shoes are appropriate, but for tall ones anything will do, high-heels or not. Tall escorts in Hong Kong would look good in doll shoes too.

image-of-high-class-escortA high-class escort in hong kong is given the right guidance and hence won’t make the mistake of wearing heavy make-up or too obvious clothes and come for a dinner-date. That is the best part of associating with reputed escort agencies in hong kong like-No.1 escorts agency. The escort girls from these agencies will only highlight their features with light make-up like an eyeliner and eye shadow and lip-colour. What an escort needs to be a high-class escort is a curvaceous figure and natural beauty. Hence, she need not put too much make-up to make herself look beautiful and classy and we upscale escort agencies know this truth very well.

So there’s no cause to worry as the hong kong high class escorts from No.1 agency in Hong Kong will look her part on your dinner-date and never let you down. In addition, ladies this is an excuse to go on a little shopping spree.

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Tips to be followed while travelling with your No.1 agency social escort

These may sound like obvious common sense tricks and tips, but we still would like to brief on these as a reminder. Some men may be first-timers in travelling with a social escort in Hong Kong, so for them this can really come in handy.

1. Travelling far away from home

Travelling to exotic locations in the world can be very enjoyable and relaxing but with hassles, it can turn out to be a nightmare. Travelling is good for your mind and body and travelling with a local escort can give you the peace of mind, you always wanted. Your heart and mind maybe prompting you to a particular location, but you need to use your common sense and decide whether the location is good to be visited in that particular season or not. It’s always good to find out the best season to visit a certain locale before deciding on it, so that you and your hong kong vip escort is able to enjoy sensual moments together in a serene and calm atmosphere. Or, if you are a fan of shopping and endup in winter and the roads get blocked due to snows, then you may fall in a big muddle and waste precious days of your international vacation too.

2. Be properly prepared

Irrespective of where you are going or with whom, we would like to give you a word of caution to be properly prepared: in the sense have proper documentations with you’ll like the correct passports, visas, identification cards, plane tickets, boarding passes and also photo-copies of the identification cards and passports. In case of currency too, you need to have a backup at home, who can help you in case all your valuables and money get stolen or something like that happens to you.

3. No need to be nervous

vip-hongkong-escortOf course, our hong kong social escorts are naughty & open-minded individuals who are here with you to give you a good time and to enjoy life with full vigour and enthusiasm. They are good at understanding body languages and will try to the best of their ability to provide you with a good time, but of course they are not mind-readers or magicians, hence you too need to co-operate and loosen up, so that both of you’ll have a great time together.

4. Be nice to your travel escort hong kong

Your Exclusive Hong Kong Escort maybe incredibly beautiful. She maybe exceedingly pretty and many men may consider her unattainable, when they see her. That said, after all she’s a human-being and that’s the reason she’s able to provide you with all that you require and make you happy, so if someone is nice to you, it’s your duty to be nice in return and reciprocate in the same way.

5. Enjoy yourself

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, even if you are travelling for business, as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The very reason you decided to hire a travel social escort is to ensure that such a thing doesn’t happen to you.

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